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Yum Cha All Day- 11am to 3pm & 5pm – 8pm

Yum Cha is a part of the Chinese culture and a wonderful dining experience. Yum Cha actually means tea tasting. Having Chinese tea complemented with dim sums (snack-sized food) will extract the taste of the dim sum to its fullest.

With Yum Cha, it’s customary to pour tea for others before filling one’s own tea-cup. It’s also most gracious to be the first to pour tea. When tea drinkers tap the table with two (occasionally one) fingers of the same hand, an action known as ‘finger kowtow’, it is an expression of gratitude to the member of the party who filled their cups.

Dim Sum

Dim sum are usually small and normally served as three or four pieces in one dish. It is customary to share dishes among all diners on the same table. Pearl Garden carefully prepares each dim sum with soybean oil and rice flour and can accommodate allergies and personal preference where possible.

We will have on-going special Dim Sums available during the weekends and festive periods.

$6.80 per item

$ 7.50 per item

$8.20 per item

chinese restaurant newmarket
chinese restaurant newmarket

Chinese Tapas

Available to share

Chinese Tea

All our teas are vibrant and delicious with deep, long histories. They truly are a taste of China. Having Chinese tea complimented with Dim Sims will extract the taste of the Dim Sims to their fullness.

$2.00 per person

Jasmine Tea is a type of Green Tea. Fragrant tea with strong anti-aging and health promoting properties.

$1.50 per person

This is probably the most famous of all Chinese Oolong teas. The name Tie Guan Yin means ‘Iron Goddess of Mercy’ and the tea is as magnificent as its name implies.

$1.50 per person

Pu-erh tea is used for improving mental alertness and sharp thinking. It is also used for reducing high cholesterol.

$1.50 per person

Chrysanthemum tea is one of China’s most popular herbal teas. This tea is well-known for its cooling properties.

$1.50 per person

Fragrant, sweet and bold, Shou Mei tea has a refreshing fragrance and a sweet aftertaste.

$1.50 per person

Flowery sweet aroma combined with a pleasant aftertaste, Chinese Oolong tea increases your energy levels.

chinese restaurant newmarket
chinese restaurant newmarket


As well as our range of traditional teas, we also offer more conventional cold and hot drinks.

Please see today’s special juice boardGlass $6.50 | Jar $13
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